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Canada Life Elevate

Your large-case resources

Large-case process

See how we support you each step of the way.

Canada Life supports you throughout the entire process

  • Building client relationship, fact find and solution design

  • Your large case

    Initial discussions with your client, building product and strategy solution

  • Connect with your regional sales manager (RSM)

    Your RSM will help you build a solution tailored to your client’s needs. Your RSM can also engage these people when needed: 

    The advanced case consultant (ACC), advanced planning strategist (APS) and wealth and tax planning consultant (WTPC) for expertise on strategy ideas and solutions, tax questions, and more. 

    Our medical consultant, Dr. Bruce Empringham, can consult on underwriting considerations for ultra-high-net-worth cases 

    In addition, Ryan Marcy, Vice-President, Large Case Services, can consult for participating account investment strategy details.

  • ACC/WTPC/APS loops in Large Case Services and Sales Enablement teams

    These teams provide additional research and support on legal, tax and strategy questions or to get a special quote or illustration for a large case that can’t be illustrated directly through our software.  

  • Underwriting

  • Your aligned New Business associate will keep you informed on the progress of your case

    We’ll stay connected every step of the way. 

  • Application is assigned to Premier or Advanced Underwriting teams for life or living benefits

    Once the application is submitted, it’s assigned to our Premier or Advanced Underwriting teams, depending on the size of the case. Twenty underwriters with over 200 years of combined experience are aligned to these teams.. Their  expertise in the HNW and UHNW markets and obtaining reinsurance capacity are key contributors to Canada Life’s success in these markets.  

    In addition, our Financial Underwriting team, consisting of chartered accountants and financial experts, will ensure your case is positioned to obtain the amount of coverage needed. 

  • Dynacare Platinum Paramedical Services

    If your case meets the required thresholds, your clients will benefit from Dynacare Insurance Solutions Platinum Paramedical Services, a paramedical service specifically tailored for high-net-worth clients.

  • Contract issue and delivery

  • Explanation of decision

    If necessary, our medical consultant, senior underwriters, and financial underwriting and accounting team can help you talk to your clients if any decisions differ from what was anticipated or applied for. 

    Our medical consultant can also help if your client, or their doctor, doesn’t understand our concerns. 

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