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Canada Life Elevate

Your large-case resources

Products, experience and expertise

At Canada Life™, we have the products, experience and expertise required to provide you with the best large-case support in the industry.

We know that large cases aren’t just larger.

Their complexity requires specialized knowledge and focus. That’s why, with Canada Life Elevate, you have access to a unique team of top-tier industry professionals to handle large insurance cases. Here’s how we can help.

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This pie chart shows the different large case support services available to advisors broken down by team and business area. The larger slices represent teams and services that will work most closely with advisors to provide value to them and their clients. The largest slice, Regional Wholesaling, includes Coast to coast to coast local support teams for large cases, including life and living benefits, and wealth and tax planning support in every region; and Largest regional wholesaling team in the industry. The second largest slide, New Business and Underwriting, includes Medical consultant, Aligned new business associates, High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth underwriting teams and Financial underwriting teams. The third largest slice, Product Support, includes Par account investment expertise, Actuarial Marketing Services and Lifeline. The next slice, Inforce Support, is of equal size to the previous one. It includes Policy Change and the Insurance Tax Team. The smallest slice, Sales Enablement and Tax and Estate Planning, includes Sales Strategies, Tax and Estate Planning Group, SimpleProtect, Workspace and Digital illustrations.

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