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Looking for health and dental insurance in Ontario?      

  • OHIP offers limited coverage for many common health needs 
  • Our affordable plans can help cover routine dentalcare, including fillings and x-rays  
  • You can also get coverage for prescription drugs, up to $250,000  
  • Plans can include glasses and contacts, and paramedical specialists like physios, psychologists and more  
  • You can also add popular extras like emergency medical travel insurance  
  • No medical exam required  
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Over 20,000 Canadians and counting have put their trust in Freedom to Choose™ health and dental insurance 

Living in Ontario? We’ve got you covered. 

You’re probably already aware that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and OHIP+ may not cover all of your healthcare expenses.

While programs like OHIP+ and the Ontario Drug Benefit may offer some coverage to some Ontarians, a limited number of medications are included in the list covered by the province. OHIP does not cover routine dental, or vision care for adults between 19 and 64, unless medically  necessary.

For many Ontarians, the only paramedical service that is covered is podiatry. There’s no coverage for chiropractors, psychologists or massage therapists.

Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance can help bridge the gap.  

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