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How Canada Life is supporting you during COVID-19. Learn more

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Canada Life™ Student Success Drive

Supporting students in your community

Together with United Way, the Canada LifeTM Student Success Drive is about supporting students with what they need the most this back-to-school season. And we want to hear from you about what that is.

What is the Canada Life Student Success Drive?

The Canada Life Student Success Drive is a national call for Canadians to help set students up for success as they head back to the classroom virtually or in-person in fall 2021. 

The past school year has been challenging for students, staff and parents across the country. We’ve teamed up with United Way Centraide to help address the unique needs and gaps COVID-19 has created for students in Canada.

This is where you come in. We’re hoping to hear directly from you about what would help students in your community succeed this back to school season.

We want to hear from you

  • We’ve collaborated with United Way to identify school supplies, nutrition programs, and mentors as the most pressing student needs in Canada.
  • Fill out our short survey to let us know which of these 3 needs would benefit students in your area the most.
  • We’ll review your input, and whichever one of these three needs has the most responses will be selected as the focus of our Student Success Drive across Canada.
  • You and your loved ones can donate to the Student Success Drive from August 2 to 11 to help support students.

Share your feedback

Tell us what students in your area would benefit from, so we can make a meaningful difference from coast to coast!

How can I get involved?

  • Tell us what students in your community need – June 14-20

    Fill out our short survey and encourage others to do the same – especially any students or teachers you may know! Everyone is welcome to provide input.

  • Donate – Aug. 2-11

    Show your support for students by donating to the Canada Life Student Success Drive

A proud supporter of United Way

Canada Life is a proud, longtime supporter of United Way. We’ve contributed over $16 million in corporate donations to United Ways across Canada over the past 10 years. These contributions are in addition to our annual workplace campaigns.