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Canada Life applauds federal reforms to prescription drug pricing regulations

August 9, 2019

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Winnipeg, MB, August 9, 2019. . .  Followingnews today about the federal government’s plan to reform Canada’s drug pricing regulations, Canada Life announced it is in full support of these reforms and is confident the changes will help ensure better and more affordable access to prescription drugs for Canadians.

“We endorse the federal government’s reforms to make prescription drugs more affordable for Canadians,” says Brad Fedorchuk, Executive Vice-President, Group Customer, Canada Life. “The life and health insurance industry has been vocal in support of these changes, and Canada Life applauds this step. Once the government formally implements these reforms, Benefits Plan Sponsors and their Members will also see reduced costs, helping to keep workplace benefit plans affordable for private drug plan coverage. This is a win for Canadians.”

The reforms will also enable the life and health insurance industry to work with government in further strengthening Canada’s drug coverage system, ensuring costs stay low and medicines are accessible in the years to come.

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