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The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company have become one company – The Canada Life Assurance Company. Discover the new Canada Life

The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company have become one company – The Canada Life Assurance Company. Discover the new Canada Life

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Freedom 55 Financial is a division of The Canada Life Assurance Company and the information you requested can be found here.

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September 19, 2019

In honour of the 10th annual Essential Skills Day, ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC) has added three additional workshops to its UP Skills for Work employability skills program on the topics of Stress Management, Adaptability and Confidence.

The program aims to help develop the key employability skills that employers look for when hiring. These soft skills help workers to be adaptable and motivated throughout their whole employment and as they move into new roles or careers.

The three new workshops join six existing workshops on Attitude, Accountability, Motivation, Teamwork, Presentation and Time Management. As with all previous workshops, each is supported with a workbook that practitioners can use to help guide their facilitation. Workbooks are also available online for free downloadOpens a new website in a new window.

UP Skills for Work is a free program and workshops can be run by anyone from literacy organizations and employment centres to colleges, universities and workplaces. Since 2017, over 1,200 workshops have been run across Canada and over 14,000 learners have increased their employability skills as a result. UP Skills for Work is supported by founding sponsor Canada Life.

“We’re so excited to release these three additional workshops because we know these skills are important for workers,” said Mack Rogers, Executive Director of ABC Life Literacy Canada. “In the last two years we’ve received great feedback from the community about the UP Skills for Work program, and we’re pleased to provide more great resources to help Canadians improve their employability skills.”

In addition to the new workbooks, ABC has also released a 30-second video showcasing learners who have participated in the program. Participants Amanda and Peter speak about how they found the program helpful in boosting their confidence for job interviews, and giving them the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Workshop hosts can access the videoOpens a new website in a new window for free to help promote their program.

“Canada Life supports initiatives such as ABC Life Literacy Canada and UP Skills for Work that help communities and individuals reach their potential, every day. By supporting ABC Life Literacy Canada and UP Skills for Work, we’re supporting Canadians as they seek new employment and advance their careers,” said Debbie Down, Director, Community Relations at Canada Life. “Stress management and adaptation skills can build confidence, which is important for success in all jobs. Having free access to work on these skills can make a positive impact in a person’s well-being.”

To find out more about UP Skills for Work, to sign up to host a workshop, or to access free resources, visit upskillsforwork.caOpens a new website in a new window.

About ABC Life Literacy Canada

ABC Life Literacy Canada® is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen organizations that promote adult learning by developing and supporting the use of high-quality introductory learning materials and resources written in clear language. We envision a Canada where everyone has the tools and opportunities they need to improve their literacy and essential skills. For more information on literacy and ABC Life Literacy Canada’s programs, visit

About Great West Life, London Life and Canada Life

Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life are leading insurance, wealth management and benefits specialists, focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians. Under the new Canada Life brand, we help Canadians achieve their potential, every day. Our customers across Canada have trusted us to provide for their financial security needs and deliver on the promises we have made. Together, we serve the financial security needs of more than 13 million people across Canada and provide a wide range of products and services for individuals, families and business owners.

As an Imagine Caring Company, we support the principles of corporate citizenship and benchmarks for community investment established by Imagine Canada. Our companies contribute at least one per cent of pre-tax profit in support of the communities where our employees and customers live and work. This includes $13.3 million in contributions to non-profit, charitable and community organizations in 2018.

For more information, please contact:

Ana Oliveira
Director of Marketing, Communications and Development
ABC Life Literacy Canada
416-218-0010 x121

Liz Kulyk
Director, Media & Public Affairs
Canada Life

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