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Senior officers

Canada Life’s leadership team is focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of our customers.

Paul A. Mahon

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Macoun

President and Chief Operating Officer, Canada

Arshil Jamal

President and Group Head, Strategy, Investments, Reinsurance and Corporate Development

David Harney

President and Chief Operating Officer, Europe

Brian R. Allison

Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer

Sharon C. Geraghty

Executive Vice-President and General Counsel

Garry MacNicholas

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Grace M. Palombo

Executive Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Steve Rullo

Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Information Officer

Nancy D. Russell

Senior Vice-President and Chief Internal Auditor

David Simmonds

Senior Vice-President and Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer

Raman Srivastava

Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Investment Officer

Dervla M. Tomlin

Executive Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer

Jeremy W. Trickett

Senior Vice-President and Chief Governance Officer