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Board of directors

Canada Life believes in the importance of good corporate governance and the central role played by directors in the governance process.

R. Jeffrey Orr

Chair of the Board of the Company

President and Chief
Executive Officer,
Power Corporation of Canada

Michael R. Amend

Chief Enterprise Technology Officer, Ford Motor Company

Deborah J. Barrett, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D

Corporate Director

Robin Bienfait

Chief Executive Officer, Emnovate

Heather E. Conway

Chair of the Board of Directors of American Express Bank of Canada

Marcel R. Coutu

Corporate Director

André Desmarais, O.C., O.Q.

Deputy Chairman, Power Corporation of Canada

Paul Desmarais, Jr, O.C., O.Q.

Chairman, Power Corporation of Canada

Olivier Desmarais

Senior Vice-President, Power Corporation of Canada

Gary A. Doer, O.M.

Senior Business Advisor, Dentons Canada LLP

David G. Fuller

Corporate Director

Claude Généreux

Executive Vice-President, Power Corporation of Canada

Paula B. Madoff

Corporate Director

Paul A. Mahon

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Great-West Lifeco Inc.

Susan J. McArthur

Co-founder and Executive Chair of LockDocs Inc.

T. Timothy Ryan

Corporate Director

Dhvani D. Shah

Corporate Director

Gregory D. Tretiak, FCPA, FCA

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Power Corporation of Canada

Siim A. Vanaselja, FCPA, FCA

Corporate Director

Brian E. Walsh

Principal and Chief Strategist, Titan Advisors, LLC