A photo of Paul A. Mahon.

Paul A. Mahon

President and Chief Executive Officer

A photo of Stefan K. Kristjanson.

Stefan K. Kristjanson

President and Chief Operating Officer, Canada

A photo of Arshil Jamal.

Arshil Jamal

President and Chief Operating Officer, Europe

A photo of Brian R. Allison.

Brian R. Allison

Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer

A photo of Philip Armstrong.

Philip Armstrong

Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Information Officer

A photo of Graham R. Bird.

Graham R. Bird

Executive Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer

A photo of Andrew D. Brands.

Andrew D. Brands

Executive Vice-President, General Counsel and Compliance

A photo of Garry MacNicholas.

Garry MacNicholas

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Grace M. Palombo.

Grace M. Palombo

Executive Vice-President, Chief Human Resources Officer

A photo of Ross J. Petersmeyer.

Ross J. Petersmeyer

Senior Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs

A headshot of Nancy Russell.

Nancy D. Russell

Senior Vice-President and Chief Internal Auditor

A photo of Laurie A. Speers.

Laurie A. Speers

Vice-President and Corporate Secretary

A photo of Dervla M. Tomlin.

Dervla M. Tomlin

Executive Vice-President and Chief Actuary