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Focus on well-being

Our programs are developed with one question in mind

Will this help advance our commitment to the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians?

From diverse and inclusive communities and a healthy environment, to financial support in times of need, here are some of the ways we contributed to the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians in 2021.

  • $10.1M

    contributed in community funding across Canada

  • $2.4M

    raised by employees for charitable organizations

  • $8.9B

    in benefits paid

Financial well-being

It can be a challenge for many Canadians to balance short-term financial responsibilities against longer-term goals, which can impact their mental health.

Through charitable contributions to financial literacy initiatives, research and technology investments, and work with financial planners, advisors and employers, we can help Canadians plan and enjoy a lifetime of financial well-being.

  • Extending our products, plans and solutions to more Canadians

    We acquired ClaimSecure, a leading provider of health and dental claims and pharmacy benefits management services. This will help us extend our products, plans and solutions to new customers by offering additional plan designs and approaches.

  • Addressing small businesses’ financial needs during COVID-19

    Many small businesses struggled to keep their doors open throughout the pandemic. To help address this, Canada Life launched its Business Boost program and awarded 12 small businesses a one-time grant of $10,000.

  • Offering new investment strategies and solutions

    We launched the new Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios, helping Canadians work toward their financial goals in a socially conscious way. 

  • Helping Canadians save for post-secondary education

    We’re proud to be the first group insurance provider to offer a registered education savings plan as an employee benefit for plan members, to help Canadians save for their post-secondary education.

Physical well-being

When it comes to physical well-being, our goal is to help Canadians achieve positive health outcomes while protecting the sustainability of employer-sponsored benefit plans. 

  • Technology improves member experience and wellness

    We offer a wide variety of technology options including Health Connected® – a mobile-friendly health and wellness platform, and our portable benefits online tool where customers can get information about coverage options, access a needs-analysis tool, view pricing details and apply for benefits.

  • Making medication affordable and accessible for all

    We’re committed to balancing our plan members’ health needs with plan sponsors’ cost management needs.

Mental well-being

As an organization dedicated to the mental well-being of Canadians, some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Addressing mental health and building resilience

  • Creating psychologically safe workplaces

  • Coping with stress in post-secondary education

  • $1M

    Since January 2021, we’ve invested $1 million in Workplace Strategies for Mental Health.

  • $11M

    Since its inception, we’ve invested $11 million in mental health-related initiatives.

  • 762,000 +

    visitors have browsed Workplace Strategies’ website, accessing free tools and resources.

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, compliments of Canada Life (Workplace Strategies), is part of our commitment to the mental well-being of Canadians. Workplace Strategies offers a range of free tools and resources for employers and employees to protect psychological health and safety at work. To learn more, visit the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health - Opens in a new window website.

2021 Public Accountability Statement

From providing financial support for community initiatives, to being recognized as a leader in sustainability, our aim is to positively impact the world around us.

2021 Public Accountability Statement

Contact us to request a physical copy of our Public Accountability Statement.