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Group Investments for Plan Members

Make it a smart retirement

This information is intended for plan members who are or were part of a group retirement plan.

Whether you're just starting to consider retirement or you've been preparing for some time, we offer some important information and practical insights into a number of key issues, including:

  • The important milestones as you count down to retirement
  • Ways to reduce your investment risk as you near retirement
  • How to turn your savings into retirement income
  • Possible tax consequences of the choices you make

Canada Life Continuum

Choosing and managing investments that meet your financial goals isn’t easy. Continuum funds include a comprehensive, simple alternative for investing.

Market-Based Funds

Segregated funds allow you to invest in a mix of stocks and bonds, depending on the fund.

Fund Information

Find out about fund and performance information for Canada Life segregated funds.

Guaranteed Interest Accounts

With guaranteed interest accounts, your contributions earn a specified guaranteed interest rate that’s determined on the date of contribution.

Post-Retirement Solutions

Ready to retire? Find out more about the retirement income options that best suit your needs.

We’re Here to Help

Member Services

If you have questions about retirement financial planning, contact Canada Life Member Services.

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